Can I offboard users?
If or when one of your employees leaves your company, it is important to have an offboarding process in place.

One of the most important steps of the process (if not the most important) is to revoke any and all software access to avoid security breaches, and onetool can help your company achieve this.

Not only will onetool deny your former employee’s tools access, but their account will be de-provisioned as well, so you can make sure their seat is not accounted for during the next license renegotiations and renewals with your vendors.

We’ve all heard stories about former employees using their previous employers’ tools still months after leaving the company. This is not only a security issue but also a waste of resources. Let us help your organization avoid this.

For more information on how onetool can improve your offboarding process, you can reach us at, or schedule a meeting with one of us 
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