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Integrating your cloud applications with onetool is the fist step in using onetool's features. The way onetool conencts with tools requires the following: 

1. Integrating your tools via onetool requires admin credentials. If you are not an admin of the tool you would like to connect, you can find and copy the connect-link below the input field and share it with its admin 

2. To set-up a connection, it is furthermore required to turn off Two-Factor-Authentication for each tool you would like to connect.

To connect your tools in onetool, simply follow the steps below.

Or you can see how it's done here 📹: :


Step 1 - Click on "Integrations" in the left-side menu (1) and then click on the "+ Create connection" button of the tool you want to connect (2)

Pro tip: Use the search bar to find your tool quicker or click on the drop-down menu on the left side to look for your tool based on its category (i.e. Collaboration, Project Management, Video Conferencing, etc.)

Step 2 -Add your Asana login credentials (email and password) (1) and click on the "Connect" bottom below (2)

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