How is onetool different from others?
This might be the question we get the most so we’ve narrowed it down to three important aspects:
  • You can provision users to all types of plans
  • We give you accurate data
  • It’s easy to use
Let’s dig in a bit more into each point.

Provisioning for all plans

Software management and provisioning solutions like Okta have been around for more than 10 years and are experts in the field, but they mainly service Enterprises and have built a product around their needs. This means that they can only service big companies that have enterprise-size software licenses only; at a high price tag.

This leaves smaller growing companies that have a mix of SaaS subscription plans (such as “free”, “growing”, “business”) out of the equation; until now. Unlike the big players, onetool can help non-enterprises provision users for all their software subscription plans, including non-enterprise plans, at a fair price.

We gather accurate data

Most solutions out there say they can give you analytics on your monthly software expenses by connecting to your accounting software or email account. What they do is they scan them for invoices and come up with an estimated total, which doesn’t give you any information on how many users are being accounted for and the result often includes non-software expenses.

This leaves you with the annoying task of having to sort the information out, which is what you probably wanted to avoid in the first place.

onetool, on the other hand, connects to your SaaS tools directly and pulls all the information for you for each tool, such as plan type, numbers of active users, the monthly cost per user/tool/department, and more.

Easy to use

Unlike other similar SaaS management and provisioning platforms, we built (and continue to build) our platform for companies with and without a dedicated IT management team. Whether you’re an IT or a Business Ops pro that is part of a team of 5 people or just one, you’ll be able to understand how our platform works.

But we know there’s always room for improvement, so let us know if there’s something you’d like us to changed or improve. You can reach us at

To find out more about how onetool is different than other solutions out there (or you simply want to compare it to your current solution), you can schedule a call with someone in our team 

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